Thursday, 7 February 2013

Inspiration: Bloggers I heart

Hello darlings!

Figured I should take a little time to introduce you to the bloggers who I not only read daily, but who have inspired me to live and healthier and more active lifestyle. So without further ado, my trio of inspiration!


Gina, a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and a new mom, is one cool chick. She cooks up a storm, post interesting workout options, and has a great sense of humour.

Currently, she's doing her annual Winter Shape Up. Last year I did it and lost the majority of my weight thanks to it. I'm doing it again this year, just a week behind (thank you rib pain and dental work), but her workouts can be done at home or at the gym with minimal equipment. Check it out and give it a whirl, especially since it is totally free!

2-Peanut Butter Fingers

I found out about Julie through Gina. She's a fun loving freelancer from Florida, who eats the way I think most of us do: most healthy, with some yummy stuff thrown in. To be quite honest, that's what drew me to her, someone who eats like me and not organic/paleo/Atkins, whatever.

She also posts on a variety of topics, from her favourite TV shows, her hilarious dog Sadie, and her daily workouts. She works out 6 days a week and has just completed a half-marathon. Plus she's funny!

3-Jess Lively

So Jess is a bit off the beaten path. She's all about living a life with intention, which I find beautiful. Recently married with a cute puppy, Jess' blog are always filled with food for thought for me. I'm a big fan of quotes (you should see my desk at work!) and she posts many awesome ones. Very thought provoking.

These are just 3 of the ones I read everyday and I suggest giving them a try. You won't be disappointed!

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