Thursday, 31 January 2013

Where's the beef?

I've been having some rib pain for a while. More specifically, the left side. It was time for me to see someone about it.

I went to see an osteopath. So what's an osteopath?

According to the American Osteopathic Association,  it "is a complete system of health care with a philosophy that combines the needs of the patient with the current practice of medicine. Doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs) practice a whole-person approach, which means they consider both the physical and mental needs of their patients." (source)

I've been to see an osteopath before and it was a lot of help. It fixed me up real good, hence, I decided to see a new one.

Long story short, after being told I was out of alignment, which made complete sense to me, I was also told that I need to eat more red meat, since it seems like I might be low in iron and vitamin B12. I was also told to go get some blood tests via my family doctor. Needless to say, that's a work in progress.

Hence, I'm now trying to eat red meat 2 to 3 times a week. The problem is that I don't like red meat. I occasionally eat it, when I crave it, when I want it, but that's rare. Like really rare.

So, I am now one of those people who is now going to required to eat red meat. Strange but true. I, your handy neighborhood blogger, is now one of the few people who has been asked by a health care professional to eat red meat.

So, where's the beef?

Saturday, 26 January 2013

FFTF: Blossom and Grow

"What happens to you doesn't matter; what you become through these experiences is all that is significant. This is the true meaning of life."
I don't have a source for this quote, but it's a good one. Such a good one in fact that I posted it on my Facebook profile.
Life is the ultimate learning experience. Things happen, like bad boyfriends, bad jobs, or poor hotel choices, but this things always teach us something. Either about what not to do in a situation, how you don't want to be treated in a future situation, to actually learning a lot about what makes you YOU.
These are opportunities for growth, for change. Take them as that. Learn from them, blossom, and grow!
(Sorry for being a day late in posting this quote! After going through a serious deep freeze and actually leaving the house yesterday for work, I wasn't home much.)

Friday, 18 January 2013

FFTF: Liking Yourself

She's a smart cookie Dr. Angelo.
Often, I find that people spend a lot of time thinking about what others think of who they are or what they do, from the potential new boyfriend to your boss at work. That being said, people often get wrapped up in how getting others to like them makes the world tick.
Guess what? That's not going to make you happy though.
If you focus on what you want out of life and who you want to be, things will have a way of working themselves out. You'll be successful where things count for you, which is how you feel about you. Finally, a more genuine you!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Let's book club it!

I'm a big reader (seriously, you should see my Goodreads list) and I'm trying to stay "in the know" when it comes to the books out there for health, mental health, and well, general fun stuff. Hence, I decided, let's start a book club!

At the beginning of each month, I will make my book club suggestion. Everyone who is interested has until the 1st of the next month to read it. I will then post my reviews and any interesting tidbits I learn along the way.

I'm also going to make sure that these books are affordable and accessible, either through any online book site, or even your local library.

So, without further ado, January's book:

According to the lovely people at Amazon, here is a bit of information about the book:
"Mira Kirshenbaum (I Love You, But I Don't Trust You), an international bestselling author and world-renowned therapist, draws on years of counseling experience to lead readers through relationship ambivalence. A careful line of 36 questions and self-analysis techniques designed to get to the heart of relationship and marriage problems. This straightforward and practical advice is designed for newer and older relationships, and presents a plethora of information and experience in a clear, concise manner. "
So give this book a whirl and I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on it, either through your comments or a post on your blog. But let's keep it hush-hush till February!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Begin with the basics

In an ideal world, every single person would take some time to take care of themselves and decrease stress. However, this isn't an ideal world and there is LOTS of things that get in the way of focusing on yourself, from friends, family, work, weather (Yup, Canadian), or having to wear glasses for two weeks (yup, I'm vain).

Life has a way of getting the way and the first thing that goes out the window? Self-care.

So what exactly is self-care? The National Association of Drama Therapy describes it as the following:

"In order to provide our clients with the best possible treatment, we must be at our best, and in order to be at our best, we all need to take care of ourselves.." (source)

(Now, I bet you are reading this and are like "I'm not a therapist, or a doctor, or a insert profession here" and that's perfectly fine. You don't need to be a professional to practise self-care techniques! I just happen to focus be a counsellor and my profession is big on the self-care. Like, I have more lectures than I know what to do with big.)

Self-care is one of those topics that I find is easier said than done. Even for me, Ms. Fancy Pants Professional. So where exactly does one start? Why, the basis of course!

Tara's Begin with the Basics

1-Get 8 to 10 hours a sleep a night, or however much you actually need.

2-Eat properly.
  • The 3 meals a day, 2 snacks, lots of water approach. The more "natural" the better.
  •  Ideally 2 to 3 times a week of something you enjoy doing, be it Zumba, walking the dog, or yoga.
4-Have an active social network, filled with people who love and care about you.
  • Be it family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, or your pet, these people not only provide you emotional support, but also some people to unwind with.

To me, these four things are just that, the basics. There is much more to self-care, which I'm planning on bringing up down to the line for further posts.

But start here!

And perhaps most importantly, your physical health will thank you too.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Food for Thought Friday

"The call to simplicity and freedom is a reminder that our worth comes not from the amount of involvements, achievements, or possessions, but from the depth and care which we bring to each moment, place, and person in our lives".
-Richard A. Bower
In "the real world", people have the tendency to think of the future and goals. Now, don't get me wrong, goals are good, but not when they are solely about getting ahead, making more money, getting the next promotion, or the fanciest new car.
Or at the expense of the people, moments, and memories in our lives.
There is nothing wrong with wanting "stuff". The problem becomes when "stuff" rules our lives and people let the things that really matters, our relationships, the meaning we seek, and the memories that last, fall on the way side.
My suggestion? Take the time this weekend to focus on what's important. Count your blessings on what really matters: your relationships that make this journey amazing, the moments that you are thankful for living, and the places that take your breathe away.
Happy Friday my friends!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Welcome to "In Every Condition", a blog, that I hope, will focus on several things that are important to me, namely the following:

1) Physical health

A little over a year ago, I decided to join a gym. Joining a gym led to other lasting changes, including eating properly, decreased stress, and weight loss. I plan on sharing with you all some of these things, plus fun physical activities I try to switch things up.

2) Emotional health

In my professional life, I work in the mental health field. Personally, I find that people don't spend enough time talking about this, so I will. To me, mental health is just as important as physical health.

3) Random musings from my life.

Because let's face facts, there is more to life than those two subjects, so it will pop up on here. Promise. :)

So welcome aboard and I hope that you enjoy every aspect of this blog, In Every Condition.