Saturday, 26 January 2013

FFTF: Blossom and Grow

"What happens to you doesn't matter; what you become through these experiences is all that is significant. This is the true meaning of life."
I don't have a source for this quote, but it's a good one. Such a good one in fact that I posted it on my Facebook profile.
Life is the ultimate learning experience. Things happen, like bad boyfriends, bad jobs, or poor hotel choices, but this things always teach us something. Either about what not to do in a situation, how you don't want to be treated in a future situation, to actually learning a lot about what makes you YOU.
These are opportunities for growth, for change. Take them as that. Learn from them, blossom, and grow!
(Sorry for being a day late in posting this quote! After going through a serious deep freeze and actually leaving the house yesterday for work, I wasn't home much.)

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